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A slice of my life in the bubble

Aug. 6th, 2007

05:47 pm - Book challenge

This will be quick in case I can't post for a while.

12--China for Women.
An anthology of different readings, essays, etc all relating to women and China. It was quite interesting.

13--The Wizard of Oz
This was fun, made the train to Suzhou pass very quickly.

14--Hauntings of Ghost by Ambrose Bierce
A collection of short stories all about ghost hauntings. Odd, but interesting.

15--Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I listened to an audiorecording of this book and it was read by Eric Idle. That just made it even more enjoyable. But still, and sadly, certain parts worked better in the film. Or is it just that I have loved the film since I was very young?

16--Harry Potter 7
It was good, and overall engaging, but I was disappointed in the ending. Although I'm often disappointed with book endings. Maybe I expect too much.

05:23 pm - I think I'm too tired

I was looking for some info on travelling to Tibet and/or Yunnan and I found a bunch of ads for travel agencies. One said, 'Visit Malaysia', but I'm kind of tired, so at first I thought it said, 'Visit Malaria'. And my answer to that would be no. I think my answer to visiting Malaysia is also no, but a less emphatic no than to malaria.

04:12 pm

As the subject says, I don't know how long this connection will be good for so I need to post fast, and for all i know i could be blocked again for another few weeks, as happened last time.

Super super fast update:
--I have been going on lots of mini-holidays. It's been great. I'm discovering the pleasures of sleeping past 600am and rediscovering the joys of fresh air and green grass in the countryside.
--On one recent visit to Mogan Mountain, I experienced true countryside life in China. And I'm beginning to understand why there is the one child policy here. Everyone seemed to have at least one child attached to them. Even though there were huge propaganda slogans about family planning posted everywhere. I guess there's jsut no enforcement.
--After three years of hoping/looking, I've finally found compact head toothbrushes.
--I finally finished HP7. The ending was anti-climactic, as expected.
--I'm not sure what's going on before the end of the year, but I'm hoping to get to Tibet and maybe Yunnan. Basically, I just want to see green things and blue skies.
--Gym etiquette/behaviour still confuses me. I mean, why would people even consider walking backwards on a treadmill? And barefoot on a treadmill? That's just disgusting. What's perhaps more confusing though is why nobody from management seems to care about either of these things.

I tried posting earlier, got locked out. Hopefully this post will work, maybe I will have more chances to post again soon :)

Jul. 12th, 2007

05:08 pm - Yay!!!

Livejournal is back up in China. At least for now. Let's hope it stays this way.

Jun. 18th, 2007

04:33 pm - Food in China

This is a major reason that I don't eat food from restaurants or street vendors here:


I only buy imported manufactured foods, and these are things like yeast, pasta, rice, whole grains, olive oil and spices. I also buy organically-grown produce here, but I can only hope that what I'm buying is actually being grown without pesticides and other chemicals. And sometimes cooking at home all the time gets really tiring, but then I read an article like that one, and I know it's worth it.

08:17 am - Just a few things

In case any of you wanted to educate yourselves a bit more about comma splices and were disappointed with my last post, check here:


I included the address in the post, but it disappeared when it was actually posted. But that's what I get for posting from China.

Last week I was working ridiculous hours. It's over for a little bit now, but I had really been looking forward to just relaxing and having down time over the weekend. Instead, I was playing host somewhat unexpectedly. A friend of mine told me she was coming to Shanghai for work and asked if she could stay at my place. Giving her a place to stay was fine, but she also wanted to hang out. The entire weekend. I already had made some other plans and invited her to join, but she wasn't particularly happy about it. Also, having her stay with me reminded me that I'm not so much a morning person. I actually had to escape to a long, hot shower to get some quiet alone time Sunday morning.

Jun. 15th, 2007

12:28 pm - Comma splice

A comma splice is basically a comma used where some other sort of punctuation should be used--a semi-colon, a colon, a period (aka, full stop). Using a comma splice creates a run-on sentence. And in the words of a journalist friend of mine, 'It's Punctuation 101'.

See </a> this page</a> for more info.

08:25 am - I know you were trying to help, but...

I have had a massive amount of work to do this week and applying for my work permit to be renewed really didn't help the situation. My colleague, on the other hand, has been relatively free this week, so he helped me review some chapters. The deadline is coming quickly, and I was already feeling tense last night when I reviewed the chapters he checked for me. So imagine my displeasure when I saw that he had edited text with no errors to actual put in errors, including a comma splice, which has kind of become his trademark. How can someone work as an editor for more than one year and (a) not know what a comma splice is and (b) not know how to avoid using one? Now I just have 33 more chapters to review and send off to the copublisher this afternoon before 4.00 p.m. I think I'll just crawl into bed tonight. I need to sleep.

Jun. 12th, 2007

08:50 am - Weekend, why do you always end so quickly?

I had so much to do this weekend. I really wish it had lasted longer.

Friday night was Dan and Shoshanna's last Shabbat at the Jewish Center. The rabbi made a short speech, and then Dan and Shoshanna each said something. Ortal and Zachi were also there to celebrate their engagement. So the place was pretty much packed, but there were few visitors.

Saturday I was supposed to have dinner with a friend, but Shoshanna had told me she wanted to go to the spa with me. She's leaving Shanghai in a few days, so I cancelled my dinner plans. But by the time I got home from synagogue and called Shoshanna, she had been waiting 20 minutes for me to return her call and had made other plans. After I got off the phone with Shoshanna, Noah called to see if I wanted to join him and some friends to celebrate his birthday. Luckily, they were at a Japanese place across the street from my apartment, so I just had to changes clothes quickly. Then we went to Mesa, a snazzy bar in town, where someone was celebrating a birthday with confetti and popping things; the popping things were pretty loud, which is why we think the police showed up for a quick look.

Sunday morning I met Ortal and Zachi for breakfast because they were leaving in the afternoon for Israel. Then I went home to bake bread (tasty, but rock hard), make curry (mmm....pumpkin greens) and review the last 15 chapters of my colleague's book. This past weekend was supposed to involve no overtime, but the proofs of my book came in two days earlier than expected, and I was still reviewing chapters for my colleague, so I had to hurry up and finish the book.

This week I will be very busy reviewing the proofs because they want them back two days earlier. And I have to renew my visa this week. I think this will be my only post this week.

Jun. 8th, 2007

11:39 am - I love good news phone calls

A friend of mine just called to tell me that she is engaged. Maybe I sounded more excited than she expected on the phone, but I know how much she has been waiting for this. She and her boyfriend have been together for four or five years already. They take off frequently for Israel, but basically they have been living in Shanghai for about two years now.

As a side note, talking with her reminds me that I need to improve my Hebrew conversational skills or at least learn the Hebrew for certain important things that I only know Yiddish for (e.g., candle lighting).

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